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The global disruption caused by the novel coronavirus has had severe implications for life in general and the social sector is no exception. In Africa where persisting development challenges exists, social change organizations had to grapple with how best to respond to the increased demand for their vital services. Containment measures and other social distancing policies threatened service continuity of Nonprofits and other impact organizations at a time when the need to serve communities has never been greater. Their resources and reserves went under extreme pressure as the impacts of COVID-19 evolved and needs across communities multiplied and extended beyond healthcare to social and economic challenges.

In a bid to better understand how social change organizations across Africa have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, ACT Foundation conducted a survey with focus on the following underlying objectives:

• Assess the extent and effect of COVID-19 on the services, operations and people of social sector organizations.

• Understand the challenges that threatened service continuity of social change organizations in Africa.

• Discover how organizations fared in spite of the negative outcomes resulting from COVID-19.

• Attempt to understand the financial security of organizations during the crisis.

• Identify areas of greatest need for Nonprofits and other impact organizations across Africa.

The report is based on evidence collected through an online survey between 20th October and 10th November 2020. The results of this survey will help inform discussions and decisions around recovery, support and shaping the future of the social impact sector in Africa