ACT Foundation is keen on improving our process for making and managing grants. Our goal is to increase quality and impact of projects, provide more time to innovate and build strong relationships with our partners, to ultimately achieve results for the people we serve, together.

2019 FAQs for the ACT Foundation Grant Cycle Below are some frequently asked questions with regards to our 2019 grant making process, funding areas, eligibility and timelines.For additional questions or inquiries, please contact:

Frequently Asked Questions

I am an individual seeking financial assistance. Am I eligible for the grant?

No. The Foundation does not provide funding support to individuals.

I am raising money for a cause. Am I eligible for the grant?

The Foundation gives grants to organizations directly and not through individual fundraising activities, and as such we are unable to fund your effort.

What organizations are eligible for funding support?

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Nonprofit Organizations (NPOs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs) and Social Enterprises duly registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in Nigeria and/or with the appropriate bodies outside Nigeria and within Africa.

Does the Foundation fund organizations outside Nigeria?

Yes. The Foundation funds NGOs across the African continent.

Does the Foundation have specific funding areas?

Yes. ACT Foundation only considers projects/initiatives in the following areas:
• Health: malaria, cancer (breast, cervical and prostate cancers), maternal and child health.
• Entrepreneurship: Vocational education and skills acquisition; financial literacy and inclusion.
•Environment: Waste management, water and sanitation.
• Leadership: Youth leadership development and thought leadership

Are there any restrictions to funding?

Yes. ACT Foundation WILL NOT consider the following entities for funding:
• Individuals;
• Any organization that is discovered to have mismanaged other grants or funds received in the past;
• Political parties, campaign groupings, institutions or their subsidiaries and affiliates;
• Organizations that advocate, promote, or espouse inhumane policies, illegal activities and/or terrorism.

My funding request does not fall under any of your focus areas. How do I submit it?

The Foundation will only consider funding for projects that fall within its four focus areas.

How do I apply for a grant from the Foundation?

Visit the website and complete the online application form before the stated deadline.

I sent an email to the Foundation’s contact email address containing the details of my application and I haven’t received a response?

Only applications submitted via the designated portal on the Foundation’s website will be considered for the grant. Please fill in your online application through the website portal as provided.

I submitted my organization’s application after the stated deadline. Will we still be considered for funding?

No. Only applications submitted ON or BEFORE the deadline will be considered.

Can my organization submit more than one application to the same grant cycle?

No. Organizations are allowed to send in just one application that show initiative/project which go in line with our Foundation’s focus areas

Is my organization required to show other sources of funding?

Yes. This is an important requirement.

I have materials I want to submit along with my call for application. How do I send them?

Please submit only the requested information while filling your application. We are not able to accept samples, prototypes, or other supplementary materials that may accompany your application.

Can two organizations apply for the grant together?

Yes, two or more organizations can apply for funding support on a particular project. The application will be regarded as a single application and considered on that merit. If selected for the grant award, both parties must sign the grant agreement.

Does my organization need to submit a proof of office space ownership or rental in my online application?

No. However, if selected for funding office location would be required and verified by the Foundation.

Is my project staff list required in the online application?

Yes. There is an allocated space for this contained in the form.

My organization was registered and began operations six months ago. Am I eligible to apply?

ACT Foundation will only consider organizations who have been legally registered and been in operation for a minimum of two (2) years before applying for the grant.

I submitted my online application and have not received any feedback after a few weeks. What do I do?

Only successful organizations will be duly notified to move onto the next stage of the grant process.

Can the application be completed and sent in any indigenous language(s)?

No. The Foundation only recognizes communication in English language. All applications and further correspondences must be communicated only in English language.

I have challenges completing/submitting my application form online. What do I do?

Please confirm that you have adequate internet connection to fill in the application online.
Ensure that you answer all compulsory questions.
If challenges persist, kindly send a concise email stating your specific challenge to the contact information provided on the website and expect our prompt feedback.

Should I contact or visit the Foundation to discuss my project idea?

No. We strongly recommend that all unsolicited inquiries be submitted through the contact information provided on our website. Visits to the Foundation’s office are to be made only upon our request.

Can I just call and ask for an application? What are the deadlines?

All of our grant applications are submitted online. Applicants will be required to fill out an online application form. Each of our grant deadlines is unique, hence be sure to look on the appropriate page for information about deadlines. To ensure you receive notifications when application for our grant is open, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list, or follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates.

Our grant request last year was turned down. Why?

Every cycle, we receive an enormous amount of applications which we have to sort through to select applications that best fit into our focus areas taking into consideration our overall grant budget. To increase your chances of being considered for funding, kindly read the guidelines carefully before filling the application.

Should we have a professional grant writer prepare our application?

We have a simple application process. Our team of reviewers are more interested in the reality of the need and the quality of the plan to address it, than in the elegance of the grant request language. It is ok to use a grant writer, however it is not a necessity.

Can I revise my application after I've submitted it?

No. You will not be allowed to revise your application after submitting it. Ensure that you provide correct information as required before submitting the form. The Foundation reserves the right to decline without review, applications that lack the required information and/or supporting documentation.

I submitted my online application but have not received any confirmation that you have received it

After you click the Submit button, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we received your application. Please note that only successful applications will be contacted in view of moving to the next stage.