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Grant Making

At ACT Foundation, we have adopted a responsive approach to grant making. By funding focused-interventions, we work across a broad spectrum of developmental issues clustered within our focus areas (link focus areas tab).

We believe that grant making is a critical tool in engineering social change, and even more we are inspired by the long and short term partnerships we make. Our strength lies in the partnerships we create and sustain through funding for programs and activities that have great potential of altering the downward trajectory of development on the African continent. Our mission to drive sustainable impact across Africa pushes us beyond boundaries; and as such we always strive to do more.

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Capacity Building

We are committed to building capacity in the African development sector. Capacity building is a potent way to strengthen the development sector particularly because it encourages the drive for sustainable impact.

Our foundation offers support that aids our grantees/partners in the delivery of efficient and more efficient outcomes to beneficiaries. Updates on our training schedules will be made available on our website, while applications may be requested. In any case, partner organizations may be accorded priority.

The Grant Application Guidelines

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The application process will take Six (6) – Eight (8) weeks

• The Foundation only recognizes communication in English. All applications and further correspondences must be communicated only in English.

• All applications will be made via the online application portal.

• Please ensure that you have a strong internet connection to fill in the application online.

• Ensure that you answer all compulsory sections.

• Ensure that you review your information carefully as required before submitting the form.

• The duration of the proposed program must be within a maximum of 12 months

• The Foundation reserves the right to disqualify applications that fall short of the required evaluation criteria

• Any conflict of interest should be declared at the application stage

• Kindly ensure that you submit an active email address while completing the application form

• The Call for Application portal will open 17th October 2022 and close 11th of November 2022 11:59 pm (WAT)

Only organizations whose applications are successful will be contacted to submit full proposals. Responsive image REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL

The proposal process will take Ten (10) – Fourteen (14) Weeks

• Only successful applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal with a detailed budget for the grants.

• Proposals must indicate a strong Monitoring and Evaluation Plan(A monitoring and evaluation (M&E) plan is a document that helps to define indicators, track and assess the results of the interventions throughout the life of a program) as well as show a sustainability plan(A document describing how your project will be sustained in the long term and the long term goals will be achieved

• Applicants will be requested to submit the following documents as due diligence will be conducted on all organizations:

o CAC Form 7
o SCMUL Certificate (Special Control Unit Against Money Laundry - scuml)
o Audited financial report from 2015 and above
o Financial Policy

The due diligence process will take Four (4) – Five (5) Weeks

• Upon final selection of the proposals, organizations will be formally notified of the next steps.

• Interviews and physical visits will occur during this period.


The notification process will take Two (2) – Three (3) Weeks

• Successful organisations will be notified of the status of their proposal

• Upon final clearance, successful organization will be invited to attend a compulsory onboarding training.

Grant Eligibility Criteria

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Grant Eligibility Criteria

• Organizations must work within the ACT Foundation's focus areas of Health, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Environment.

• Organizations applying for this grant should be registered with the appropriate legal entity within their respective (African) countries for not less than. TWO years( 24 months).

• Must be legally registered as a nonprofit organization.(GTE/LTD). However, if you are applying as a social enterprise, the Foundation will only fund initiatives that are not for profit.

• It is required that you show a strong governance structure. Kindly note that the details of the board of directors should reflect in the company’s registration documents. If not, please update.

• You will be required to show evidence of other sources of funding.

• The organization applying is required to have a minimum staff strength of 3 part time/full time paid Individuals.

• Be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the project, i.e. not acting as an intermediary;

• Program/Initiative must be implemented in within Africa;

• Program must be innovative and impact driven Responsive image


ACT Foundation grants WILL NOT be extended to the following:

• Individuals

• Non-profit without a legal Board of Directors or Trustee (as stated in your registration documents)

• Any entity that has mismanaged other Foundations funds in the past

• Political parties, campaigns groupings, institutions or their subsidiaries and affiliates

• Organizations that advocate, promote, or espouse inhumane policies, illegal activities or terrorism.

Testimonials Clips

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2018 ACT Foundation Grantees Testimonial

2023 Call for Application is Closed

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Kindly note that the email addresses that will receive the confirmation emails are the email addresses entered in the Permanent Office Address and Contact Person sections. Kindly ensure you enter all data in the formats requested by ACT Foundation to avoid errors upon submission.
Please click on the submit button only ONCE!!! Due to the volume of data requested, when the submit button is clicked, it may take some time to see the confirmation message on your screen. This is normal as multiple records are being created. Clicking more than once truncates the records creation process and results in an error.