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Till date, the number of unemployed and underemployed youths in Nigeria remains on a constant rise despite the significant amount of young graduates who make it out of tertiary institutions on a yearly basis hoping for a better future. More so, genuine support for the entrepreneurial endeavour is on the decline even as more youths clamour for skills acquisition as a means to financial independence. However, Live Your Dreams Africa (LYDA) and ACT Foundation have taken on the task of empowering young, aspiring entrepreneurs; semi-skilled and unskilled in a variety of productive endeavours.

The Dream Development Centre (DDC) is a platform within the Live Your Dreams Africa Foundation setup to aid aspiring youth entrepreneurs in creating and sustaining their dream businesses by connecting them with philanthropists who themselves possess expertise in different spheres of business. Run in partnership with ACT Foundation and the Lagos State Ministry of Youth and Social Development, the DDC aims to impact 200 businesses through the course of the program.

The DDC is designed to include the Accelerated Skills Acquisition Program (ASAP) which pairs aspiring entrepreneurs with experienced business owners in a bid to enable them learn firsthand the rudiments of creating and sustaining a business. The skills built into the ASAP include Photography and Digital marketing; two areas of expertise highly sought after in today’s digital-driven environment.

ACT Foundation CEO, Osayi Alile reiterated the grant making organization’s commitment to ensuring that idleness among youth becomes a thing of the past. “In this age of digitization, it is important to empower our youths with the required knowledge and skills for self and societal advancement. The Dream Development Centre is a way to assure Nigerians of our commitment to improving and equipping youths for the present and future challenges”, Ms. Alile added.

As a grant making nonprofit organization, ACT Foundation seeks to support sustainable high impact initiatives such as the Dream Development Centre (DDC) which will provide innovative solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.

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