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Water and Sanitation

Access to water and proper sanitation still remain a major problem among developing countries in Africa. The issue of unsafe water for consumption among a large portion of the population inhabiting the rural areas is a growing concern. It is even worse in communities affected by humanitarian crisis. (UNDESA 2015). More so, huge disparities exist when it comes to the provision of safe water, and the kind of water provided (Gajigo 2010). Even worse, the risks keep multiplying in Sub-Saharan Africa which was unable to meet the MDGs by 2015 with a 31% coverage reported around the same period (UNEP 2015). Improved access to water and good sanitation thus becomes a priority for the development sector in Africa. As a negative impact, African communities now serve as homes to a wide array diseases and drought.

Waste Management

Globally plastics are used in the production of a wide variety of items. However, its increased use over time has generated concerns particularly with regards to toxicity associated with plastic use and the negative environmental impact emanating from the plastic waste disposal (Bashir 2013). In 2017, the Journal of Environmental Science and Technology estimated that 88-95% of plastic polluting our oceans comes from just 10 rivers; 8 in South-East Asia and 2 in Africa. Today, A myriad of negative impacts arise from this; hence, much work needs to be done in this area as a large population of ocean and land life face great risk of elimination, perhaps extinction. There is much work to be done to tackle these challenges as most developing economies lack a basic understanding of the dangers of plastic pollution, and the importance of recycling.

Our work has witnessed the improvement and provision of safe drinking water to rural communities in Africa. Since a majority of these communities lack a voice, we serve not only as a voice but as a medium through which safe potable water reaches a significant part of the marginalized population. Our partnerships in this area are geared towards providing sustainable solutions to challenge of safe, potable water in African communities.

More so, we aim to create massive awareness on the dangers of plastic pollution and the benefits of recycling as we advance towards actualizing a world without plastics. Additionally, capital cities serve as emerging epicenters for large-scale campaigns aimed at eradicating plastic (UNEP 2018), our foundation seeks to take advantage of this opportunity by engaging in partnerships geared towards achieving plastic-free oceans across the continent in line with the 2030 United Nations SDGs.

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